What Is Periodontal Treatment

Periodontology is the branch of dentistry which is specialized in treatments of gums (soft tissue around the teeth and the jaw bones). The word ‘Periodontology’ is made up of 3 Greek words, just like Orthodontics; ‘Peri’ means surrounding, ‘Odonto’ means tooth and finally, ‘Logos’ meaning science.

What Does A Periodontist Deal with?

The main aim of a Periodontist is to help people keep a healthy state in their gums. Most periodontists spend their time treating problematic cases of periodontal disease and patients with a complicated medical history. The periodontist performs a wide range of treatments that are used to address gum disease, like:

  • Scaling and root planing:

    During this treatment, the roots of the patient's teeth are cleaned to remove bacteria, plaque and tartar; these roots are then polished to make it more difficult for such things to accumulate on them in the future.

  • Root surface debridement:Damaged tissues in the mouth are removed during this treatment.
  • Surgical treatments:There are a number of surgical procedures that are used to deal with gum disease, like replacing a lost tooth with an implant and deep cleanings

Fequently Asked Questions

If Gummy Smile is neglected, some problems arise apart from aesthetics. Oral health can be adversely affected in time. In addition, the overall image is disturbed. Therefore, if you have or suspect to have symptoms, you should consult a specialist dentist.

Gum recession is observed among individuals of all ages. However, there are groups that are under threat. Individuals over the age of 65, smokers, people with a gingival recession in the family, people with diabetes are among these groups.

If the gingival recession continues without intervention to a certain level and if the hard tissue structures surrounding the teeth are exposed, tooth loss may

Gum problems have some physical indicators. These are situations such as bleeding gums either spontaneously or during brushing teeth, crooked teeth structure, loose teeth, exposed tooth root with recessed gums, taste disturbance in the mouth, swollen and red gums, odor in the mouth.


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