What Is Emax- Veneers ?

In dentistry, special types of porcelains are used to give patients realistic and natural smiles.

IPS E-Max differs from other teeth restorative materials by combining strength by beauty.

As it is made out of porcelain completely it doesn't contain any metal at all. For this reason the teeth can glow just like natural teeth.

E-Max Veneers are mostly preferred for frontal teeth. It is the number one material that is used to provide aesthetic teeth and smiles. It is also the the material which has the luminosity effect closest to the natural teeth and they are %100 compatible with natural teeth. Even under different lightning conditions it is the closest to natural in terms of luminosity.

There is no metal at all in E-Max veneers. So the metal doesn't interact with gums and doesn't paint the gums grayish or to a blackish color and thanks to that you can get natural looks in both teeth and gums.

This also applies to the zirconium crowns. E-Max veneers are made out of glass seramic and it has enough strength and rigidity to face chewing forces.

Crowns made out of Lithium Disilicate have enough rigidity to chew properly. When applied, can be used for a very long time without any problems.

Also, as the material is very thin, not extreme trimming or shaving is required, this also provides less sensitivity in teeth. Despite being thin, it is very strong.

E-Max Veneers Advantages

  • One of the biggest advantages is that E-max has an aesthetic looks. As it doesn't contain any type of metal it can't cause any allergic reaction and no blackness around the teeth & gums occur.
  • The other advantage is that it doesn't alter the teeth structure. The materials they contain are bio-friendly.
  • As it is luminous, you don't get a matte look on the teeth.
  • There are many options when it comes to colours, teeth becomes smooth and even. Reduces the teeth sensitivity to a zero.
  • The slippery surfaces prevents teeth plaque formation and it also helps a lot with the prevention of gum diseases.

Fequently Asked Questions

Metal crowns may cause allergic reactions in patients with metal allergies. E-max is a crown made out of special ceramics. For this reason, it does not contain metal. Which means that it can also be used on people with metal allergy.

Ceramic tooth application conforms with teeth, cheeks, and gums. It is also preferred by people with different types of allergies.

However, there is an examination process before treatment. The dentist decides whether it can be applied or not, depending on the patients.

Treatment is not preferred in patients who have multiple tooth losses. For molar teeth, metallic crowns are generally preferred. Empress is particularly suitable for incisor teeth. It can also be used in teeth that do not have much strength.

Also, the e-max crown cannot be applied in case of multiple teeth loss.

E-max crown usage time varies from person to person. If the patient adheres to the dentist’s recommendations and practices regular oral hygiene, it may be used for many years. This period extends with daily care and following the recommendations.

When caring for the full ceramic crown, dentist recommendations should be followed. As with normal teeth, the patient should pay attention to brushing twice a day and regular dental controls.


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