DentaVerseTurkey is founded by Dt. Seçil Köseoğlu in 2021 to offer service by using their expertise and experience in the field.

The family of Dentaverse Turkey is located in İzmir, one of the most beautiful cities of Turkey and Europe, and welcoming patients from all around the world.

Besides, as one of the oldest cities in the history of humanity, Izmir (Smyrna) offers an enjoyable experience to its guests by its history, culture, a modern lifestyle and convenience to other touristic places.

Not only composed with Efes Ancient City, Urla Winehouses, Çeşme beaches with their gold sand, Eagen gastronomic culture and cheery people all around the city, Izmir is also a home to 5 university. Dentaverse Turkey is always here for you, in pre-treatment, in treatment and in post-treatment process, with its experienced and specialized personnel.

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